Concrete Elegance


Tired of your plain gray concrete.  Lifeless, and dull…  We have a solution for you.  We can add texture, and color to your concrete surfaces without the need to remove the concrete you have.  This is not only less painful as far as construction, but also for your wallet.  There are so many options available we will show you a few below.

Contact us so we can evaluate your project, and give you ideas on design as well as  provide a comprehensive estimate of cost.

Las Vegas Stamped Concrete OverlayStamped Overlay

Stained Concrete is one of the most decorative finishes we can provide for concrete.  With almost limitless combinations allows for customization of your concrete surfaces.

Las Vegas Pool Deck TexturePool Deck Texture

This is an outstanding way to add antiskid around your pool deck.  Other advantages are the texture allows air movement beneath your feet in turn keeping the surface cooler to the touch.  There are also additives we can use to reduce the heat transfer up to about 20°.

Las Vegas MicrotoppingMicro Topping

Topping placed concrete creates a new canvas for intricate staining to develop beautiful one of a kind finishes.  In many circumstances concrete has flaws.  To prevent these flaws from ruining a beautiful stain project we apply one or multiple coats to prepare the surface for coating

Las Vegas Self Leveling ConcreteSelf-Leveling

There is one main reason for application of Self-Leveling Cement,  to level out a floor to apply carpet, wood, or tile products, or to create beautiful Stained Concrete Surfaces.


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Reveal Your Concrete's Character

Las Vegas Acid StainAcid Stain

One of the oldest proven methods of staining concrete.  Using acid to carry color into the surface of the concrete.  so it doesn’t just color the concrete it transforms the concrete into the color.

Las Vegas Stained Concrete

Water Based Stains or Acrylic Stains

Remember playing with water colors as a kid.  All the colorful pictures that you made.  Now you have your concrete surfaces as your canvas to create any color under the rainbow.  Mix and match them together to create your piece of art.

Las Vegas Acetone Stain

Acetone And Alcohol Stains

These stains are not new to the scene, they are just now gaining a following in creating genuinely beautiful surfaces.  Due to the rapid evaporation of their carriers they are applied fast, and the huge benefit to using these stains is that you know exactly what your result is in a matter of seconds.


Las Vegas Acid Stained Floor









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Adding color as well as extreme durability!

Epoxy Coatings – Garages, Industrial, and More.

Las Vegas Epoxy FloorEpoxy Coatings have been used industrially to coat pipes, metal, and in areas of extreme heat for many years.  As this product has progressed it is now used in Garage Floors, Commercial Kitchens, Clean Room Floors, Contemporary Interior Finishes, and many other applications.

Epoxy Floors are clean, smooth, and provide a high sheen appearance that works well with many interior design’s.

Depending upon the final look and the surface we are going over will determine the system that we would use. Las Vegas Fremont Experience Epoxy Floor Some systems will be two coat, while others will be four or more coats.  For instance coating a solid color in a garage is a two or three coat system. Coating a Aircraft Hanger would be a four coat system to start, depending upon how smooth the owner wants the floor to be.

Las Vegas Epoxy Garage FloorGive us a call, and we can evaluate the surface, and consult with you on the correct system to use, and any variations that can be done to stay within budget.  Then we can estimate the project so you have a comprehensive plan on what we will apply to the surface.




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Quality you can build on

Your business should reflect you.  Your business sence your personality, professionalism, and your design.  Unlike tile, carpet, or wood concrete can personalize any space to make it custom.  No other business is like your business, why not show that to your clientele.

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